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Questions on what the site is about:

Questions on how to use the site:

Questions on how to advertise on the site:

Questions on how much it costs and how do I pay for my advertising:

What is has become the official online directory and marketplace for the Property Management industry in Canada. It provides one source for finding the exact product, service, supplier, contractor, property manager, facility manager or management company ? quickly and efficiently. provides direct access to the detailed information needed to make a purchasing or specifying decision. has steadily grown to become the leading on-line sourcing tool, helping connect buyers and sellers within the Property Management industry in Canada.

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What information is available on the web site? assists all those within the property management industry in Canada to source goods and services on-line. Users have direct access to the following types of information on the site:

  • over 5,000 industry related companies promoting their products and services in one central, easy to use online directory
  • one-click access to detailed company profiles
  • live links to company web sites
  • live company e-mail links
  • detailed contact information for company follow-up
  • local, toll free and fax number listings
  • display ads highlighting company logos, products and other important corporate information
  • the latest in industry news
  • the latest in new products and services for users within the industry
  • the latest industry jobs available
  • the latest industry current events
  • access to industry experts
  • and access to industry classified postings

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Who can be listed and how?

A listing in is only offered to companies that offer products or services related to the Canadian property management industry. Companies can be located in Canada or the USA. There is no charge to be listed with a ?free? basic listing. Go to our Register Page for more information.

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What is a Company Profile?

Every company on has a Company Profile, which includes the following information*:

  • Relevant information about the company and the products and services they provide that relate to the search term you entered in or the category you clicked on
  • Contact information for the company including address and phone number
  • A link to the company Website
  • Description of the company and the company activities including number of employees, sales and year founded
  • Contact link to send an e-mail to the Company
  • Links to their product or service gallery page
  • Link to a map of the companies location
  • Link to the companies feedback page where users can read reviews from past customers

The information included in a Company Profile is periodically reviewed with the company to ensure the information is current. However, if you find information is not current or relevant, please send us your feedback and contact

* Not all companies opt to provide all elements/information.

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What are Directory Categories? has a dedicated team of editors that review company and product information and assign Directory Categories based on the type of products and services a company provides. There are approximately 500 Directory Categories included in to help you find exactly what you're looking for as quickly as possible. Directory Categories range from very broad (HVAC) to very specific (indoor air quality services). If you would like to add a category or subcategory to the site please send us your feedback and contact

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What are Search Results?

Similar to a search engine, combines its industry specific content and expert proprietary search technology to make it easy to quickly find what you're looking for and deliver the most relevant industry search content. Search for pumps in and you?ll never find information about shoes! When searching through our sites content, we check for relevant words in a company's name, or specific information contained in a company profile, and their company description. provides the ability to search by:

  • Keyword
  • Province / State
  • City
  • Within 5km up to 500km

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How do I search on provides the ability to search by either keyword and location or users can click on the "+" sign and browse by category. Categories can be viewed either by segment or alphabetically. Click here to go to the Search Page.

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What if I can't find what I'm looking for in my area?

There may be occurrences when you can't find what you're looking for on the Search Page even after you've tried searching by keyword and location, and you've tried browsing the categories by segment or alphabetically. In this case feel free to Contact directly and one of our reps will assist you in sourcing out the product or service that you need.

Note: The site is continually growing and new companies are being added daily. We encourage you to check back with us often as new content is made available.

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How do I contact a specific company listed on

If a company chooses to participate, will include a "Contact this Company" link in their company profile page. Simply search and find the company you want to contact and then fill out the "Contact this Company" form and click submit.

When you use the communication features on, you will be asked to supply your contact information. We will only forward the contact information you provided in order for the company to respond to your request.

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How can I provide feedback or contact

Your feedback is important to us! We're interested in how you use, how we can improve and additional types of information that would be useful to you and your colleagues. Or if you have a question that cannot be answered here in our Frequently Asked Questions page, simply click here to contact us.

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How can I get my company listed on

Register your Company to have your company listed on At this point you will have the option of choosing between a "free" listing or choose to upgrade to a premium paid listing which is strongly encouraged in order to maximize your company's online exposure. There are two premium listing packages available. The premier listing package is $299/yr and the premier plus listing package is $499/yr.

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What if I only want a User Account?

If you only want a User Account, and you don?t have a company to register or you are not authorized to register your company, then you can choose to register a free User Account which provides access to all of the sites features and benefits, without the company listing. Register your User Account here.

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I am not experienced with computers but would like to sign up?

If you have tried to sign up yourself but are having trouble, or if you need assistance with any other parts of our site, please call our office at 604.710.3254 and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively you may also choose to email us via the Contact Us page.

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How do I advertise my company's banner on

Advertising your company banner is one of the features available to those that register a company listing or a user account. After you login with your login name and password you're directed to your admin area. From within your admin area you can purchase banners. There are four types of banners available for purchase and prices start as low as $99/month.

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What other types of advertising opportunities exist on the site?

Promote Your Business on where thousands of industry related buyers look for products, services and suppliers. Learn more about how can help you convert Website visitors to customers.

If you are a company providing products or services to the property management industry in Canada and are looking to broaden your exposure among the thousands of monthly users of, you should consider advertising with us. Visit this site's Promote your Business section for more information.

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How are the company listings in each business category prioritized?

Paid listings are ranked higher than free listings. Therefore, Premier Plus listings are ranked the highest, followed by Premier listings, then followed by Free listings. Companies that have signed up for the same package features are then sorted alphabetically.

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Why should I post photos, company logos, or video?

Photos, logos and videos get noticed! Whether you include them on your company listing, project posts, or classifieds, you will receive more viewings, search queries and consumer confidence than those that don't include them. Additionally, businesses adding photos, company logos and videos to their company listings can only do so with a paid premium listing and as such will get prioritized rankings at the top of their business category, giving them even more exposure!

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How much does it cost for a free listing, a premium listing, and/or banners?

Free basic company listings are just that. Free. However they offer limited features and benefits and each company is only allowed one free listing. For most companies that isn't enough and that is why there are two paid options for company listings, Premier Listing Package ($299/yr) and Premier Plus Package ($499/yr). The details of each listing package is available on our Promote your Company page.

There are (4) different types of website banners available starting as low as $99/mos. Please visit our Promote your Company page for more details and pricing info.

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How frequently will I be billed for the package I choose?

All company listing packages are billed annually.
All website banner packages are billed monthly.
All other methods of advertising are billed monthly.

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How do I pay my invoice?

The site has a standard checkout process where you can review the items in your cart. Upon checkout, you can choose whether to pay by credit card or choose to be invoiced. At this point the item you purchased will be made available to you immediately upon checkout.

If you choose to pay by credit card we accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. If you choose to pay by receiving an invoice, you will receive an invoice immediately upon checkout and another copy will be emailed to your email address we have on file. The invoice is due immediately upon issuance. Please forward the invoice to your accounts payable department. If payment is not received within 30 days, the item you purchased with us maybe suspended temporarily until payment is received.

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